lapel choke side control

This Unexpected LAPEL CHOKE From Side Control Works Like Magic!

gi submission May 03, 2021

The beauty of Lapel Chokes is that you can be really creative with them. You can play around with them, trying them out from all sorts of different positions and in all sorts of different situations.
What's more, they often come in handy when you're running out of options – when your training partner or opponent is defending well, and you just can't seem to set up a submission!

One of those instances is Side Control. Here's how Jean Vandesteen sets up an unexpected Lapel Choke from Side Control... And taps out his training partner in a matter of seconds!


"What If You Could Turn Your Back Without Fear Of Being Submitted...?"

We are born with the ability to defend anything in front of us. BUT, when it comes to attacks from the back we are extremely vulnerable!

YES, the back is hard to defend for obvious reasons. But there are ways to ensure you are safe, actually... more than safe, DANGEROUS to be exact!   

This is a secret attacking system that 99% of your opponents have never seen before.

Attacking From Turtle Is The Ace In Your Sleeve - Your Competitive Edge!

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