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10p in a gi gi Jan 13, 2021

In an ocean of systems, you've got to be picky about the ones you'll use. After all, not all of them are created equal – and so you should choose the ones that will boost your BJJ game the most. They need to be effective, and the Lotus Lockdown is one of those systems that just shine with superiority!

Check out the Lotus Lockdown on the video below.


In combat, the element of surprise is half the battle. Getting sweeps and submissions against more skilled opponents is always more fun than being smashed and dominated, especially when you are at a beginner or blue belt level. This is one of the best things about the Lotus Lockdown because your training partners and opponents will rarely be able to defend it - no matter their skill level! It might sound presumptuous; however, not too many people are actually familiar with this position or its techniques – and so they'll be shocked when you lock 'em up so tight that they can't pass your guard without being swept or submitted.

Getting sweeps and submissions against more skilled opponents is always more fun than being smashed and dominated, and besides boosting your self-confidence, it will also make your time on the mats a lot more fun.   



Yup, that's right! Even after the "surprise phase" has passed, your opponents will still be clueless about what they should be doing. When in top half guard, they will first try to climb, but if you are well versed in the Lotus Lockdown system, this will lead them right into one of the most potent submissions in the 10th Planet system - The "Electric Chair."

Watch the Electric Chair below:  

Since few people have rarely encountered this technique – they won't know how to react to it!

Add to this the fact that the Lotus Lockdown is, essentially, a Lockdown done in a Gi, not NoGi... And their confusion skyrockets.

This is especially true if your technique is on point. If you don't base your control and subsequent setups just on the leg connection, but on the principles of upper body control and under hook/over hook game as well, your opponents are in for a confusing ride.



A lot of Jiujiteiros make (even some top-ranking athletes) believe that the lockdown is a stalling position. A position for when you simply want to rest and get on your opponent's nerves due to their inability to move.

But this is far from the truth. As you can see in our instructional, there are many sweeps and submissions from the Lotus Lockdown. It's all a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you, forcing your opponents to react.

Plus, the way that these sweeps and submissions form a chain – you can always transition to another setup if the previous one didn't work – is what makes the Lotus Lockdown ridiculously easy and practical to implement into your Jiu-Jitsu.



The fourth reason why you'll love practicing and using the Lotus Lockdown is that it's a great way to save your energy!

Truth be told, rolls can sometimes get your heart rate to a million beats per minute while your lungs are struggling for more oxygen. So, transitioning into a position that enables you to preserve your dominance and regroup without spending too much energy is a real savior.

So, add all of these four reasons to the fact that using the Lotus Lockdown is FUN as well... And you'll start using it immediately!

What's more, here is a link to Magnus Hansson's instructional on it – take the opportunity to level up your skillset QUICKLY!

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