Do you feel like your guard game is not good enough? Do you lack confidence when sparring or competing? Perhaps you have been training for years, and still find yourself feeling frustrated when dominated by bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive opponents? The Lotus Lockdown will change your perception of Jiu-Jitsu and unleash your true potential FAST! 





"I've been playing lockdown for about 15 years. I don't know where I picked it up originally, and almost everything I've learned from there I've picked up piece by piece, "in the wild." This is an excellent intro to the system, has excellent finishes that I didn't know about, and fills in a lot of the gaps I had by never having any real system level instruction in playing lockdown.
He has an excellent section near the end where he dispels myths about the lockdown. It's really funny because he has his whitebelt there with him so he can "show how a white belt would do it" and then he instructs him to do things like, "Whitebelt do this or whitebelt do that" without even using his name. It's pretty good. One of the myths, for example is even something I was taught in catch wrestling, "If someone plays lockdown just standup and indian deathlock their legs." Listen, no one has ever stood in my lockdown in 15 years, he addresses this. He shows that if you're not controlling the upper body you've failed this position already. He shows all the over and underhook concepts from bottom, which were excellent as well.
All in all the layout is: concepts of the lockdown, getting into the position, finishes, strategy talk/troubleshooting, solo drills, then Q and A about the lockdown. It's just over an hour long and it had excellent things that I hadn't picked up playing or watching the 10th planet game over the years.
This is in a gi and everything he shows has worked for me over the years doing it against all levels of BJJ opponents. I'd give this a solid 10/10 if you use this position."
- Scott Champine, brown belt, from Phoenix Arizona.


Who is Magnus Hansson?

Magnus is Eddie Bravo's first Black belt on European soil. Unorthodox in his charismatic approach, his main characteristic is the ability to modify techniques with details that will blow your mind!

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