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Our mission is to help you succeed on the mats using modern & simple solutions that will unlock your full Jiu-Jitsu potential! 


Turtle Up - It's time to Generate Offense! 

Attacking from Turtle 2.0 builds on the defensive foundations of the previous instructional with a focus on OFFENSE and SUBMISSIONS. Learn how to wrestle up from the turtle position and seize the advantage, turning defense into a launching pad for your attacks. Go from prey to predator; it's time to go on the offensive!

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The Lotus Lockdown Will Improve Your BJJ Gi or NoGi in 3 Weeks or Faster! 

It's a NO-Brainer! This guard will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time! It's an extremely powerful tool that will turn your BJJ around in a matter of weeks! 

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Submit everybody from the Turtle - THIS instructional is Phenomenal!!!

Get an Iron-Clad defense and learn how to submit and frustrate your opponents to insanity with leg locks and more - Attacking From The Turtle! 

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Revolutionize Your BJJ with the Upgraded, Unstoppable Lockdown 2.0

For BJJ practitioners looking to upgrade their offensive game, the Lockdown 2.0 instructional series will be a catalyst for rapid improvement. This comprehensive guide will revolutionize your approach to BJJ by revealing the full offensive capabilities of the lockdown system.

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The New X-Guard is HERE - and its advanced!  

Become the guy who nobody can pass and an absolute leglock nightmare for any opponent by using the New X-Guard! 

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Unified Street Jiu-Jitsu

When was the last time you practiced getting the clinch on a striking opponent?
Let Relson Gracie Head Instructor Jean Vandesteen help modify your skills to be ready for any situation, both on the tatami as well as in the street - Because BJJ is much more than just points and advantages. 

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A Meia Guarda Mais Brabo Do Mundo!

Você vem treinando há algum tempo e está pronto para levar seu jogo para o próximo nível." O "Lotus Lockdown" é incrível porque oferece um controle excepcional sobre o oponente, limitando significativamente seus movimentos. Sua eficácia reside na capacidade de criar oportunidades para raspagens e finalizações. Além disso, é um sistema acessível até para praticantes menos experientes, modificando a meia-guarda em uma arma moderna e extremamente poderosa.

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"I used to be intimidated by higher belts at my gym, but the lotus lockdown changed my confidence completely. Now they are all scared of me!"

- Mike


"I bought the attacking from turtle because I had never seen anything like it. Six weeks in and very few people can take my back"

- Filipe


"I started training BJJ to protect myself. With Unified Jiu-Jitsu I learned the difference between sports and reality. The clinch philosophy and the head strikes are priceless!"

- Georgi


Help the BJJ Community

If you are training Jiu-Jitsu, then you know how much your life has improved since you took your first step onto the Tatami. A few years in, we are all asking ourselves why we didn't start earlier or what our lives would have looked like had we had BJJ while growing up. You learn how to become humble, and how to be patient, and as your skills progress, your confidence follows. BJJ gives a sense of belonging, a true purpose, and friendships that last a lifetime. However, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Realizing this, we strongly believe that BJJ gives meaning and provides a purpose for everyone, especially for kids in the favelas. Help support our mission to renovate Jiu-Jitsu academies for kids and teenagers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by becoming a monthly subscriber.

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Support Kids Training BJJ in the Favela

Rio de Janeiro has more than 1000 favelas. Poor living conditions often breed crime, with most members being young male teenagers, who are extremely vulnerable to the influence of unhealthy adults. 

Help Refurbish A BJJ Academy! 

Removing all kids from the favela is impossible, but we can bring the right environment to the kids! This includes changing the tatami, padding and painting the walls, fixing the light and electrical installations.

The Lotus Lockdown Online Course 

In cooperation with we will give anyone who becomes a monthly sponsor of the Save a Child with BJJ our best-selling instructional online course "The Lotus Lockdown" as a gift of appreciation for your support!    


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  • A chance to make a difference - create a Real Impact in the BJJ Community and, most importantly - SAVE LIVES!
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  • A chance to make a difference - create a Real Impact in the BJJ Community and, most importantly - SAVE LIVES!
  • Follow the progress with updates for any of our current projects! 
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  • A chance to make a difference - create a Real Impact in the BJJ Community and, most importantly - SAVE LIVES!
  • Follow the progress with updates for any of our current projects! 
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Our Documentaries



Welcome to Cantagalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! 

Experience the reality of the favela through the eyes of World BJJ Champion Alan "Finfou" de Nascimento.   

Growing up in an environment filled with violence and crime that cost the lives of two of his brothers, Alan was kept away from the streets training Jiu-Jitsu. Today, Alan is living in Sweden where he is coaches some of the biggest names in the UFC, such as Alexander Gustavsson and Khamzat Chimaev. BJJ gave Alan that opportunity. 

"When a child is occupied doing sports, the child will also be kept away from the harsh reality of the Favela." 

Alan himself is proof that BJJ social projects can change lives, create champions, and most importantly - save lives!

Nova União

André Pederneiras

Nova União Azul - The World Class BJJ academy where everybody trains for free!

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Exploring BJJ in Rio de Janeiro

With SuperMike

🥋Find out what it's like to live a BJJ lifestyle as an expat in Brazil. Enjoy exciting adventures, fascinating interviews and expert insights into the dynamic world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 🌊🇧🇷🌞🥋

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This is the most important detail about the Lockdown.

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