unorthodox hip bump sweep

This Unorthodox HIP BUMP SWEEP Variation Gets Them Every Time!

no gi sweep Mar 24, 2021

Oh, the Hip Bump Sweep... Brings back memories, doesn't it? It was probably one of the first techniques, and quite likely the very first sweep you've learned from Closed Guard. And that makes sense, as it is quite easy to learn, and it teaches the beginners a very important point in Jiu-Jitsu – using the hips.

However, just as it is the case with all other techniques, the Hip Bump Sweep has many variations to it; which you can use in all sorts of different positions. For example, you could even use your butt to get the sweep!

Check out this unorthodox Hip Bump Sweep variation from 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu's Black Belt, Ben Eddy:




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