They Never See it Coming!!! BJJ destruction from the top closed guard!

bjj advice defense self defense Oct 27, 2021

BJJ as a sport or Jiu-Jitsu as they say in Brazil (Because nobody says BJJ here) is a softer version of its original hardcore self-defense application. Today we are surrounded by soft mats, referees, respected taps, finger tape, time limits, and point advantages. This is a very different version from what Master Helio Gracie taught to his students. Under Helio, you had to learn a complete Jiu-Jitsu where you would be able to use your knowledge in any situation wherever you find yourself. As such, one of the core aspects of BJJ is the Clinch, because it protects us from strikes and kicks, while also allowing us to attack. One such attack is the head-butt, a weapon that probably is the most destructive from a close distance, so much so that it has been banned in most competitions. However, just because it has been banned and forgotten does not make it less effective, on the contrary, if you know this and others don't, then you have the advantage of the element of surprise! We don't recommend you do this to anyone, but if the situation is such that there is no way out and you need to end the fight, then this is your best and safest option. 💬 Let us know what you think of this video in the comment section below. 👉 We appreciate every thumbs-up, and it would be great if you'd consider liking and sharing this video! ▶️ Check our full online course with Jean Vandesteen here!




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