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The secret of how to get your promotion - FAST!

bjj advice bjj training mindset Dec 18, 2020

To many practitioners, BJJ belt promotions are essential. After all, the belt doesn't just serve as a way to keep your Gi jacket closed, but rather also as a way to let others know what level you are at currently. To the white belt, the blue belt is the ultimate token of recognition, and for the higher belts, it is the black belt that is on top of the list. The average time for a blue belt is 1,5 -2 years of training two to three times per week, and to reach the black-belt level, you will need ten years or more!
As a universal rule, persistence is generally key to any success, meaning that if you stay the course and keep training eventually, the belts will come as your Jiu-Jitsu progresses. However...

Some people have a greater need than others to get promoted quickly; they can't wait, so time becomes an obstacle. So, if you are a person that can't wait. How do you get a colored on your belt in the shortest time possible?
Here are some factors to consider if you desire a faster promotion:

Focus: Show genuine interest in the techniques shown and ask questions.
Techniques: Become really good at something special. The more time you spend on a specific move or, even better, a whole series of moves in combination the more advanced you will seem and become. Be sure to have at least a couple of high percentage moves that you keep repeating and domination will soon be a reality.
Visibility: Use your special abilities that you have invested the most time practicing in your free time during rolls. This will make you stand out. Even better is if you can demonstrate the techniques learned during class in front of your instructor. You will become an instant favorite and move higher up on the list of who should get promoted next.
Be a great teammate: Instructors love people who make others around them feel comfortable. It creates a great vibe in the academy and helps the people around you feel heard and seen. If you do this, you will be promoted because of your techniques and because you are a great ambassador for the sport.
Training: Make it a habit to focus on movement during practice. Don't stay in the same position and squeeze. Instead, learn how to surf and focus on hip movement, and being good at transitions. This will help you in the long run and show that you are not all about strength but rather a smooth technique based Jiujiteiro that deserves a promotion!

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