Seriously, the X-Guard just got a major modification!

guard pass submission sweep Sep 08, 2022

Hi Guys!

Seriously... What do you think about the X-guard? Do you play it a lot? For me, it used to be a love and hate relationship because no matter how many times I hit a good sweep or a successful submission, there was always someone who would just squat down to crush my hooks or simply strip my hook and pass. I could have moved on and just focused on some other guard, but I couldn't stop thinking about it! Actually, that is why I have spent the whole year trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening. - What I found was mindblowing!

Check out the whole story HERE!

One thing is for sure...

"This Modification Is Going To Drive People Completely Insane!"

Raoul Audhoe

Ps. When you are already on it, why don't you also check out this link HERE it's the Turtle instructional where I show what is actually possible with the Turtle position, such as submitting 7 opponents in a row with heel hooks in a tournament - From Turtle!




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