I Studied The Biggest Flaws Of The X-Guard Looking For Solutions. What I found Was MINDBLOWING!👇

Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard For $69
Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard For $69

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers.”

Hi Guys!

I am Raoul Audhoe. Maybe you know me as the crazy guy who always "gave" his back in competition before submitting 7 opponent's in a row from the Turtle position? If not, I recommend you click HERE to check that out! 

If you are already familiar with who I am, then I just wanna let you know that I am back with a fresh perspective on what many consider to be one of the most fun and exciting guards in all of BJJ - The X-Guard! Take my word for it. This is "THE" guard for anyone who is looking for superior control, high percentage sweeps and a wide range of leglock submission setups. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Well... Unfortunately the X-Guard also comes with a HUGE flaw! 👇👇👇 



"The Pros And Cons Of Using The X-Guard"

There are many guards in BJJ, but if you prefer to be on the offense, then the X-Guard is one of the most fun and dynamic guards you can play. The control is phenomenal, the sweeps are many, and the leg lock entries are abundant. However, the X-Guard also comes with some weaknesses that can't be ignored. The biggest challenge occurs when your opponent strips your hook, steps over, or squats down to crush your hooks. YES! Having an opponent strip your hooks and squatting is a HUGE problem for anyone playing the X. This is where my obsession with the X kicked in and why I've spent the entire year looking for a solution. Now, I am finally ready to share my results with you. I call it the "NEW" X-Guard because it modifies some of the most basic principles of the old system using a different approach such as the introduction of TWO COUNTER-PRESSURE hooks instead of ONE, and also how to utilize superior angles to maximize efficiency, making the new X-Guard extremely hard to pass! 👇👇👇 

I wanna learn the NEW X-Guard!

The New X-Guard

The New X-Guard will triple your sense of control and nullify the step over pass. The New X teaches you how to effectively work with TWO Counter-pressure hooks and superior angles to frustrate and exhaust any opponent before initiating your favorite leg attacks! In other words...

"This Modification Is Going To Drive People Insane!"


It's not rocket science... Our legs are our most effective tools to maintain distance control, and the X-Guard is ALL about controlling our opponent's legs and keeping him in a constant state of disbalance. The X is absolutely phenomenal in doing exactly this! YET, with all of its advantages, many people are still struggling with their X-guard getting passed. WHY? The secret to rapidly improving your X is to understand the advantage of using TWO Counterpressure hooks rather than one. HOWEVER, without understanding how to utilize superior angles, your X-guard will keep getting passed FOREVER! So please let me show you how to fix this! 👇👇👇 


Yes! I wanna learn the New X-Guard NOW!
Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

"The most efficient Guard for Leglocks"

Normally, I only teach people the "New X-Guard" in Private Classes and in seminars... but today I want to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire course AND additional videos material to help you rapidly improve your X-Guard Jiu-Jitsu skills.  

For Only $69

Yes... for the price equivalent to a single UFC Pay-Per-View night, you get access to a battle-tested system that I've invested a long time perfecting. 


The New X-Guard Online Course Also Includes Not ONE, Not TWO, But THREE Additional Mini Couses,  Drills, Video Updates, and more!!!

YES Raoul! Give Me Instant Access To The New X-Guard For Just $69.00

Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard For $69
  • Killer Leglock Entries

  • Unstoppable  Sweeps

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Dynamic Counter-Pressure Hooks

  • Become A Master Of The Angles


Raoul provides realistic solutions to the biggest flaws in the X-Guard. It took a while for my brain to get used to the modifications, but now that I got it, my angle game has improved x3. Also, being 40+ having the ability to preserve energy is crucial to me, and this X- guard version suits me much better. This alone makes this instructional well worth the money. 



I was surprised at how much of a problem the second hook created for my opponent. She had no idea what I was up to. So easy to get to the leglock setup from this position too. I enjoyed the setups and I will drill this for a while now so I can incorporate these details into my game!  




I first bought the Attacking from Turtle and loved it! This one was different and I think the two can be combined quite nicely since I've been playing the X for a while. Can't stop laughing when my opponent can't get rid of that second hook lol :) It was definitely a flaw in the X-Guard System itself, but thanks to Raoul, it has now been resolved!

Yes Raoul! Give Me Instant Access To The New X-Guard RIGHT NOW For Just $69

Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard for $69

When You Get Your Copy Of "The New X-Guard"(For Just $69.00)

You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1 - " The Lotus Lockdown Intro Course"

~The Lotus Lockdown is the answer for anyone who wants to become efficient in Jiu-Jitsu or NoGi Grappling/MMA without investing years of BJJ training. 
The Lotus Lockdown offers the fastest way to immediate improvement in BJJ no matter the belt level or age or experience!  

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Video Poster Image

Bonus #2 - "Street Jiu Jitsu Intro Course"

Training bjj on the mats in class and in competitions is fun. But what happens if you ever find yourself in a real street altercation where there are no time limits, points or referees?

This introduction course to 'Unified Jiu Jitsu' with Relson Gracie Head Instructor Jean Vandesteen will show you how to protect yourself using Jiu-Jitsu in a street fight. 

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Bonus #3

"Attacking From Turtle Mini-Course"

The Turtle position used to be frowned upon as a stalling and rather boring position. Well, think again, because I submitted 7 opponents in a row at a tournament using the Turtle! This is the Mini-Course that will introduce the immense possibilities that the Turtle can benefit your BJJ. 
Get This For FREE When You Order The New X-Guard Today!

Yes! I Want Instant Access To Attacking From Turtle for $69
Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard for $69

There Is No Catch!

At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

I made this course to help teach as many students the fastest path to success on the mats to help show them with practice, anything is possible.

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away!

Time Is Of The Essence...

This Is A LIMITED OFFER At This Price.

This can go up in price at any time, especially since we will be adding more material as we go (which is what I’ve done with other courses in the past).

To ensure you get as much value as possible, we’re giving you the opportunity to join early through this limited offer. 

Just imagine being able to never worry about someone passing your X-guard again. Using two hooks combined with superior angles is still unexplored in BJJ and NoGi grappling alike! This instructional will rapidly enhance your skills so that you can stay safe and focus more on unleashing your attacks from the X-Guard position.


Available in the Kajabi mobile app!

The New X-Guard course is also accessible on mobile through Kajabi's app, so take the course with you and practice anywhere you like!

Download the app here:👇

You Must Act Fast!

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order The New X-Guard.

  • The New X-Guard - (Value $69.00)

  • Attacking From Turtle mini-course - (Value $17.00)

  • The Lotus Lockdown Intro Course - (Value $17.00) 

  • Street Jiu Jitsu Mini Crash Course - (Value $17.00)

Total Value: $120

Today Just $69


Yes! I Want Instant Access To The New X-Guard for $69

~P.S. That's pretty much it! If you want to modify your X-Guard using counter-pressure hooks and become extremely difficult to pass, spend less energy, and set up savage leglocks. Then this BJJ instructional is for you! I hope to see you in the member's area.~

Thanks again,
Raoul Audhoe