hugo duarte luta livre leglock

Embrace Simplicity In Your BJJ – And Give This Luta Livre Leglock A Shot!

no gi submission Mar 17, 2021

With new techniques and setups sprouting about almost every day, it's tempting for an "everyday Jiujiteiro" to go for those moves which seem to be the most complicated ones.
The logic is: the more complicated the setup, the more effective it's going to be! And therefore, a lot of time is spent drilling incredibly difficult sequences (which are often unrealistic in a match setting), when the easier – the more simple – setups would be acquired much faster and would work much, much better.

In other words, you should embrace simplicity in your Jiu-Jitsu! For example, instead of drilling complicated Leglock setups (and boy, can they be complicated), give this Luta Livre Leglock a shot!
It's taught by no other than Master Hugo Duarte. Check it out and begin using it with stunning effectiveness and simplicity on your very next roll:


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