Think the Turtle Guard is Just for Defense? Think Again!

instructional turtle Oct 17, 2023

Welcome back, friends! We're here to continue our journey from being mere ninja novices to becoming full-fledged ninja turtle masters. After the success of our previous instructional on attacking from the turtle position, we received a lot of feedback and even footage of people successfully implementing the techniques in competition. But there was one critique that stood out: the turtle position seemed too passive.

The common perception is that the turtle guard is all about defense—keeping safe, inverting, and attacking only when the opponent is diagonally behind you. But what if your opponent is in front of you, attempting a front headlock or other control techniques? In the past, we would change angles, but now we're introducing a more wrestling-heavy approach that allows you to attack even when your opponent is in front of you.

Our new instructional, "Attacking from Turtle 2.0: Next Level Offense," is a game-changer. We're going to kick ass, take names, and mess with people. We'll cover techniques that allow you to wrestle up, attack arms, go for necks, and even take your opponent's back while they think they're on yours. It's going to be a fun ride!

But what if you mess up? Many of you pointed out that everything works great until a mistake is made and the whole game falls apart. Don't worry; we've got you covered. This new instructional will also include ways to recover, pummel in, and get back on the offensive.

So, are you ready to turn your turtle guard from a defensive shell into an offensive weapon? Let's get started. We're super excited to take this journey with you.
Wanna check out the instructional: See link below.
Attacking from Turtle 2.0


"What If You Could Turn Your Back Without Fear Of Being Submitted...?"

We are born with the ability to defend anything in front of us. BUT, when it comes to attacks from the back we are extremely vulnerable!

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This is a secret attacking system that 99% of your opponents have never seen before.

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