Attacking from Turtle 2.0: Next Level Offense BJJ Online Course!

How To Attack And Submit Anyone From The Turtle

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My mission was to submit all my opponents from the Turtle!

Raoul here! Maybe you know me from the viral video where I tested the effectiveness of the Turtle in a BJJ tournament, inviting every opponent to take my back. You see, I had this crazy idea to prove that the Turtle is MUCH MORE than a defensive game. The result? Please check out the video below! 👇👇👇

As you can see, the results were even better than expected, with 7 Submissions and 0 Points conceded! Afterwards, many were curious how I managed to pull it off, and so I created the first Attacking from Turtle instructional where I demonstrated exactly how to become effective from this position. I received so much positive feedback that I decided to go deeper and now I am back with a fresh perspective on how to generate offense. YES! The Attacking from Turtle 2.0 is all about OFFENSE! Believe me, combined with the Basic knowledge from the previous course, this instructional is gonna blow your mind! So if you are ready to invest or continue your BJJ Journey in an area that very few actually understand and reap all the benefits, then this is an instructional for you!👇👇👇


Get Ready To Turtle UP! 

Attacking from Turtle 2.0 builds on the defensive foundations of the previous instructional with a focus on OFFENSE and SUBMISSIONS. Learn how to wrestle up from the turtle position and seize the advantage, turning defense into a launching pad for your attacks. Go from prey to predator; it's time to go on the offensive."

Say Goodbye To Being Passive in The Turtle!

When you purchase "Attacking from Turtle 2.0," you'll receive:

  • Offensive Transitions: Master the art of smoothly transitioning from a defensive turtle position to various offensive setups.
  • Control and Leverage: Learn how to gain and maintain control over your opponent, setting you up for successful attacks.
  • Advanced Submissions: Unlock a variety of submission techniques specifically tailored for attacking from the turtle position.
  • Comprehensive Video Lessons: Detailed tutorials breaking down each offensive technique, from basic to advanced.
  • Competitive Edge: The advanced techniques and strategies will give you an edge over opponents who are not as well-versed in attacking from the turtle position.
  • Lifetime Access: Watch and re-watch the material as many times as you need to fully absorb the content.

Hi I'm Raoul Audhoe

As always, I am excited to join forces with to unveil "Attacking from Turtle 2.0," a pioneering guide that delves into the exciting and largely unexplored realm of offensive Turtle gameplay. This groundbreaking instructional redefines the Turtle position, transforming it from a defensive stronghold into a dynamic platform for launching relentless Takedowns, Leglock & Armlock submissions.

Course Modules

This is not your beginner's guide; it's the ultimate playbook for those looking to dominate and redefine their Turtle game. Each module is designed to build upon the last, providing a comprehensive guide to turning the Turtle position into an offensive stronghold. Are you ready to change your game forever?

The Basics

Fundamentals and Movement:This module lays the groundwork for mastering the Turtle position. You'll learn the essential movements that allow you to transition from a defensive posture to an attacking one. Understand the mechanics of the Turtle position like never before and set the stage for more advanced techniques.


Takedowns and Active engagement: Say goodbye to passivity with this module focused on takedowns. Learn how to seize the initiative and become the aggressor, turning the Turtle position into a launching pad for dynamic and effective takedowns.


Submissions - Leglocks & Armbars: This final module dives deep into submissions, with a special focus on leglocks and armbars. Discover how to capitalize on your opponent's vulnerabilities and secure fight-ending submissions from the Turtle position. Master the finishing mechanics that will give you the upper hand.


Attacking From Turtle Basic


Top features

  • Surprise Factor: Learn how to turn defense into offense.
  • Mind Games: Drive your opponents crazy before you submit them.
  • Effective in Action: Leglocks, kneebars, heelhooks - all battletested in competition.
  • Anytime Access: Learn on mobile, practice anywhere.
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Attacking from Turtle 2.0 Advanced


Most Popular

  • Next-Level Offense: Learn how to engage using an advanced Turtle Guard.
  • Strategic Wins: Exploit opponent mistakes & become unpredictable.
  • Takedowns: How to wrestle up and engage in takedowns.
  • Submissions: Effective leglocks & armbars.
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Attacking From Turtle 1, Attacking from Turtle 2, The New X-Guard


(Most Value)

  • All techniques and concepts features in both instructionals
  • Bonus Instructional - The New X Guard!
  • Lifetime access to your online courses
  • Access: Learn on mobile App, practice anywhere anytime.
  • Receive updates with more videos and breakdowns
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Why People Love Our Instructionals?


First of all, I didn't feel comfortable going turtle during rolls because people ended up taking my back. But ever since I first saw Raoul in the tournament where he submitted all the opponents, I just thought WOW! I started to see the point. It is an unusual position and after three weeks of working on this people are having serious trouble getting the better of me from my back. I loved the rolling leg attacks because they are lightning fast and very hard to defend. Over all, I really do recommend this instructional! 

Mike Anderson


"This course is a game-changer! Before, Turtle was my danger zone. Now, it's my power play! I'm not just surviving; I'm thriving and scoring submissions. If you want to turn your vulnerabilities into victories, this is it."

Lorenzo Bianchi


"As a 40-year-old white belt, I was feeling pretty lost in competitions. Speed and agility aren't on my side anymore, but then I discovered the Turtle guard. It's been a game-changer for me. This position leverages what I've got: stability and patience. Now, I'm not just defending; I'm setting traps and scoring submissions. For the first time, I feel like I've found a strategy that suits me, and it's reignited my passion for BJJ."

Roberto García

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