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The Leg Connection!

Are you ready to be mindblown? Because after watching this video and trying this leg connection - your BJJ will turn in a new direction!


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This is the best investment you will ever make to improve your ground game in BJJ!

A major change in your BJJ game in three weeks or faster!

This is by far the most powerful way to lockdown your opponent. After watching this video, get a partner and get him or her fully locked using this technique.

It doesn't matter if its BJJ, MMA, or NoGi Grappling. You will simply be blown away when you FEEL the POWER of this superior form of CONTROLLING your opponent!

Good luck, and have fun testing it out!

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What's inside the Full Course👇👇

Whether you're still inexperienced or even advanced in Jiu-Jitsu. When rolling with "Superior" opponents, the Lotus Lockdown is Kryptonite. It's surprisingly simple, yet extraordinarily powerful"


"This instructional really shook things up at the gym. Nobody expected it, but "Suddenly" I started tapping higher belts. It's been a game/life changer for me". -Peter


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