Win more fights with The Lotus Lockdown! This BJJ system is simple to learn and extremely effective in BJJ sparring and competition. 

The Lotus Lockdown

The World's most complete Lockdown instructional. Guiding you to a major shift in your Jiu-Jitsu in as little as 3 weeks or Faster! 

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The Guard That Will Get You The Progress You Desire!

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Absolute Control & Domination


The Lotus Lockdown makes it possible to control your training partners and opponents without the need to engage in speed wars with them. You simply set it up, and you have them locked in place! They're now yours for the taking, and it becomes particularly useful when it's a Gi match as you gain access to more grips and, consequently, more control. It's a concept of TOTAL control, not just a technique but a whole system used for absolute domination in the Gi, designed specifically for beginners and advanced alike. Once you figure out how to use even its most simple of concepts such as sweeps and submissions, you'll already be miles ahead... And able to catch some of the more experienced grapplers by surprise!

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The Lotus Lockdown is simple to learn and the ideal system for people who are struggling with their ground game. 
Learn how to make a difference on the mats in as little as three weeks or faster!

Nobody likes being the weakest guy at the academy.

Training regularly is necessary if you want to improve in Jiu Jitsu, but it can be daunting both as a white belt and blue belt alike.

If you are learning random techniques with limited repetitions, wasting your time doing what everybody else is doing, then you will continue being manhandled and smashed by stronger, faster and more aggressive opponents.

Of course you get smashed.

Because you try to be a jack of all trades, (but master of none).

You are predictable!

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The 4 fundamental pillars of the Lotus Lockdown

The Leg connection

Upper body control

The Under hook game

The Over hook game

Take a look inside...

1. The Leg connection

To the untrained eye, this is the lockdown, but there is so much more underneath the surface. One thing is for sure, a great leg connection is crucial! 


2. Upper body control

By establishing a firm leg connection and a focused upper-body clinch, very few people will be able to pass your guard! 


3. The benefits of using the Lotus Lockdown in the Gi.

Check out master Magnus speaking about the benefits of using the Lotus lockdown.  


4. The Under hook game

To be effective from the half guard you need to understand the power of using your underhooks. Trust me, underhooks are everything when you are using the Lotus lockdown!


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The Lotus Lockdown course is also accessible in mobile through Kajabi's app, to take the course with you and practice anywhere you like!

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"I've been playing lockdown for about 15 years. I don't know where I picked it up originally, and almost everything I've learned from there I've picked up piece by piece, "in the wild." This is an excellent intro to the system, has excellent finishes that I didn't know about, and fills in a lot of the gaps I had by never having any real system level instruction in playing lockdown.
He has an excellent section near the end where he dispels myths about the lockdown. It's really funny because he has his whitebelt there with him so he can "show how a white belt would do it" and then he instructs him to do things like, "Whitebelt do this or whitebelt do that" without even using his name. It's pretty good. One of the myths, for example is even something I was taught in catch wrestling, "If someone plays lockdown just standup and indian deathlock their legs." Listen, no one has ever stood in my lockdown in 15 years, he addresses this. He shows that if you're not controlling the upper body you've failed this position already. He shows all the over and underhook concepts from bottom, which were excellent as well.
All in all the layout is: concepts of the lockdown, getting into the position, finishes, strategy talk/troubleshooting, solo drills, then Q and A about the lockdown. It's just over an hour long and it had excellent things that I hadn't picked up playing or watching the 10th planet game over the years.
This is in a gi and everything he shows has worked for me over the years doing it against all levels of BJJ opponents. I'd give this a solid 10/10 if you use this position."
- Scott Champine, brown belt, from Phoenix Arizona.



Your Instructor

Magnus Hansson

Magnus is Eddie Bravo's first Black belt on European soil. Unorthodox in his charismatic approach, his main characteristic is the ability to deconstruct and modify techniques with details that will blow your mind! Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Magnus has helped thousands of online students all over the world improve their Jiu-Jitsu.  

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As a striker without experience in BJJ, my biggest fear was to go to the ground. The Lotus Lockdown helped me get the confidence I needed to embrace it!
- Daniel 


This instructional really shook things up at the gym.  Nobody expected it, but "Suddenly" I started tapping higher belts. It's been a game/life changer for me.
- Peter 


The Lotus Lockdown took changed everything for me. As soon as I started understanding exactly what I need to go for, pretty much anyone I rolled with noticed a big difference in my BJJ.  
- Mike