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A Complete Lockdown System For Beginners to advanced.

Starting BJJ can be daunting, and the path is filled with ups and downs even years into the practice. We understand this, which is why Lockdown 2.0 is built around a gentle learning curve that progressively introduces you to its unique and highly effective techniques. The lockdown 2.0 isn't just about learning a series of moves; it's about understanding the logic behind each grip, each transition, each submission - giving you an unshakeable foundation on which to build your own offensive Lockdown game.


Lockdown: The Hidden Gem of BJJ and MMA  

The Lockdown, often underestimated, holds a significant key to power and control in BJJ and MMA. With its strategic mechanics, it offers a range of unexpected solutions for those brave enough to learn its intricacies. A proven game-changer, the Lockdown provides a unique edge over many competitors. Lock it in and feel the power and control. Explore its depth, and witness the dramatic shift in your game using the Lockdown 2.0.

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Revolutionize Your BJJ with the Lockdown 2.0

For BJJ practitioners looking to upgrade their offensive game, the Lockdown 2.0 instructional series will be a catalyst for rapid improvement. This comprehensive guide will revolutionize your approach to BJJ, covering everything from the basics to the most advanced setups and submissions of the Lockdown system. 

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The Electric Chair Submission




"It's a hidden powerhouse that moves in silence, striking when least expected - a storm in calm waters." 

Meet Your Instructor 

Frank Barca, black belt and head coach at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne, is known for his clear, accessible teaching style that emphasizes the power of mastering the fundamentals. His Lockdown 2.0 instructional series offers an innovative and comprehensive guide that speaks to practitioners at all levels of BJJ & MMA.

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Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

With the Lockdown 2.0 instructional series, you will get:

  • In-depth Understanding: From the basics to advanced techniques, unlock the secrets of the Lockdown position in BJJ and MMA.
  • Effective Strategies: Master control of your opponent, disrupt their balance, and create opportunities for powerful sweeps and submissions.
  • Exclusive Teachings: Learn directly from Frank Barca, renowned black belt and head coach at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne.
  • Continuous Learning: Get lifetime access to an evolving library of techniques and strategies, ensuring you always stay ahead of the game.
  • Competitive Edge: Gain an upper hand over those who are less familiar with the power of the Lockdown, boosting your confidence and ability in any grappling situation.

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Yes! I Want Instant Access To Lockdown 2.0 For $99

Visualize Outplaying Your  Opponents Effortlessly. With Lockdown 2.0, That Becomes Your New Reality.  

This comprehensive course is more than just an instructional; it's your gateway to mastering modern BJJ. By honing the fundamentals of the Lockdown, you'll gain an edge that leaves your competitors in the dust and experience a serious upgrade in your skills, from solid positioning to powerful sweeps and submissions. Modify your BJJ journey with Lockdown 2.0 - where you don't just learn - you evolve.

  • Lockdown

  • Oldschool

  • Electric Chair

  • Jaws of Life

  • Dogfight

  • Quarter Guard

  • Plan B

  • Breakdowns 

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The Fundamentals  

Master the core principles, the foundational techniques, the essential drills, and the advanced strategies of the Lockdown. It's all here, broken down in simple, digestible lessons. Take your first step towards mastery with Lockdown 2.0 and level up your ground game!"


Took the plunge with Lockdown 2.0 and haven't looked back. Frank's approach is no-nonsense and precise, makes learning a breeze. Not just technique, but strategy - feels like I've got a new secret weapon. Worth every penny." Really awesome stuff.



Stellar stuff! Frank's style is spot on - clear, engaging, and full of fun. Feels like a one-on-one session every time. Really turned my game around, gave me confidence and an extra option when I need it the most.



Been playing the LD for about eight years now and this instructional helped me pay attention to the small details that make all the difference. I wish I would have had this when I started. Great all the way from fundamentals to advanced.    

Yes Frank! Give Me Instant Access To Lockdown 2.0 RIGHT NOW For Just $99

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The Clock is Ticking...
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 This introductory offer of $99 won't last forever. With Lockdown 2.0, you're not just getting an instructional; you're gaining access to a growing resource with added content over time: new techniques, podcasts, interviews, Q&A's, and much more. This is your chance to elevate your BJJ game, safely and effectively. So don't delay, seize this opportunity now before the price reverts to the regular $199. Start your journey into Lockdown mastery with us today!


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The Lockdown 2.0 course is also accessible in mobile through Kajabi's app, to take the course with you and practice anywhere you like!

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P.S. That wraps it up! If you want to conquer the ground game with an unshakeable Lockdown, this is the BJJ instructional that will guide you there. I look forward to welcoming you into our community of learners.

Thanks again, Frank Barca