TO BE OR NOT TO BE - How to progress FASTER by taking full responsibility in BJJ or any other martial art!

bjj advice Jul 15, 2021
When continuously practicing Jiu-Jitsu, it is easy to fall into a trap where you EAT what is SERVED, after all, this is the traditional way the master passes his knowledge to his students.
The techniques are not chosen by the student, and the student cannot usually choose what it is that he or she wants to learn.
However, this also means that everybody is training the same thing and slowly but steadily becoming a copy of a copy. For example, perhaps the DelaRiva is not within your sphere of interest or it's just that you find some techniques are a bit less compelling than others. Maybe you are not there yet and you would rather focus on something else. THIS IS IMPORTANT - You wanna be sure to feed your most inner desires. Try to listen to that inner voice telling you where to go and what to pursue in your development. After all, it is your time and energy that you are investing, so the path is yours and yours only.
While it is very important to follow and practice what the instructor is showing (otherwise it would be chaos:) There are ways to feed that inner desire. All you need to do is to plan ahead and start actively thinking about what it is that you are going to focus on today before or after class, or during sparring. You wanna become so comfortable with the position or technique that it becomes a natural part of your game and something you can implement whenever you need it.
So, keep on showing up, but do so with a plan to also develop what it is you desire because if you do, your JIU-JITSU and your passion and excitement for the art is going to SKYROCKET!
In that spirit, here are some uncommon techniques that are sure to give you some fun on the mats.
Keep training folks!

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