Why you definitely should pull Guard in BJJ!

bjj advice Jan 07, 2024

The Tactical Brilliance of Guard Pulling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: A Perspective Inspired by Mikey Musumeci

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art known for its depth and complexity, presents various techniques, one of which is guard pulling. This tactic, often debated within the BJJ community, gains a new dimension of appreciation when seen through the eyes of Mikey Musumeci, a renowned figure in the sport.

Guard pulling in BJJ, contrary to some opinions, isn't a mere fallback but a deliberate, strategic choice. This technique shines in sport jiu-jitsu, which is distinct from a self-defense scenario. In this controlled environment where the focus is on grappling, pulling guard becomes a tool to efficiently control the fight, moving it to the ground and setting the stage for potential submissions. As per the insights from the original file, "In a controlled environment like sport jiu-jitsu, the objective is to submit your opponent"​​.

The dynamics of wrestling in jiu-jitsu matches often result in a deadlock, with competitors wrestling for dominance but not achieving significant progress. Musumeci points out the disparity in wrestling levels within BJJ compared to pure wrestling, suggesting that prolonged wrestling engagements in a BJJ match might not be the most efficient path to victory.

Pulling guard is not a passive move; instead, it's a proactive strategy to steer the match to a domain where the guard player can thrive. This move is about efficiency and strategic positioning, not about being defensive. It involves a calculated decision to engage the opponent on the ground, bypassing the stand-up wrestling struggle. The original file emphasizes this efficiency: "Pulling guard can quickly transition to working on submissions without the tussle of a takedown"​​.

In conclusion, the technique of guard pulling in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as elucidated by Mikey Musumeci, deserves a more nuanced understanding. It's not a sign of weakness but a tactical choice, a move that aligns perfectly with the sport's objectives of efficiency and submission. That being said, it is favorable to explore the depths of Brazilian sports Jiu-Jitsu by learning more about BJJ systems that allow you to quickly submit your opponents from the guard, rather than wasting the majority of the time wrestling poorly. This doesn't mean takedowns and wrestling or Judo should be ignored as they are an extremely important part of BJJ. But in a sports environment where time is short, you wanna to actually have the time to get to a submission, and this most often occurs on the ground. 

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