Shed 5-10 Kilos in a Week: The BJJ Competitor's Secret Diet!

diet Jan 15, 2024

Shed 5-10 Kilos in a Week: The BJJ Competitor's Diet Secret!

In BJJ, athletes often face the difficult task of balancing intense competition stress with effective weight management. As the tournament day approaches, the challenge isn’t just about mastering techniques, but also about making weight. This is where the Meat-Butter-Fruit Diet comes into play, offering a unique solution for BJJ competitors who need to drop weight FAST without losing energy or strength.

This diet stands out by focusing on a specific combination of foods that help athletes shed weight quickly without starving or intermittent fasting. The essence of this diet is a strategic blend of high-protein, fats, and natural sugars, each playing a vital role in an athlete's diet.

Lean meats are at the heart of this diet, crucial for muscle repair and recovery, especially important in a sport as physically demanding as BJJ. Then there’s butter, which, contrary to common misconceptions, provides essential fats that are vital for maintaining energy levels and overall health. Lastly, fruits bring in natural sugars, offering a quick, healthy energy source, ideal for powering through rigorous training sessions.

If you have not tried it, then RIGHT NOW is always a great time to do so. Try eating nothing but meat, such as minced meat or steak for three days with lots of real butter (never margarine) and see what happens. Also make sure to eat FRUIT & HONEY to help boost your immunity. 
The great thing about this diet is that you will never have to feel hungry, and you will never feel tired after eating. That's pretty amazing right? Try it out and see what it feels like in three days. You are going to be mind-blown!

That being said... let's unleash our potential - One Meal at a Time!

(Please be reminded that this is not medical advise, nor is the author an expert in the field of nutrition or medicine, just a regular Joe who tried something and experienced amazing results from choosing a meat and fruit obly diet. So, be sure to try at your own risk or talk to your physician before doing so.)


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