5 Reasons for You to Use the Lotus Lockdown with a Gi!

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For many, the “Lockdown” system created by Master Eddie Bravo, founder of 10th Planet, is almost exclusive to No Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Being part of the clinch guards, the advantage of this half-guard is the ability to lock the opponent in the 2-in-1 leg connection and a firm upper body control. in No Gi this is essential when the opponent is slippery. Modified by the black belt wizard of Jiu-Jitsu, Magnus Hansson from 10th Planet Stockholm, Sweden - a modified version of Lockdown was created to help facilitate the use of the system in Gi, also known as Lotus Lockdown. But what are the advantages of using the Lotus Lockdown in Gi?

  1. GRIP AND FRICTION: When talking about Lotus Lockdown with Gi, the friction reduces any movement  while reinforcing the grip. This is a great advantage for anyone using the Lotus Lockdown because when it's not possible to move, it's also not possible to pass the guard!

  2. CONTROL OF PACE: When rolling with a younger or more technical opponent, the Lotus Lockdown gives you the possibility to quickly reduce the pace of the fight. Being able to dictate the pace of the fight is already a way to gain dominance in combat, as the passer will not be able to use their strength or technique while trapped in the Lotus Lockdown.

  3. ENERGY SAVING: One of the most important aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is energy maintenance, remember that the fighter on top needs to pass the guard, making a great physical and mental effort to get out of the Lotus Lockdown. This is frustrating and consumes a lot of energy. On the other hand, for the one applying the move, it's great to be able to rest with both shoulders on the mat and save energy for the rest of the fight. (With the exception when the top fighter is very, very heavy).

  4. NO LEG ATTACKS: The position of the Lotus Lockdown with leg connection and upper body control, leaves virtually no chance for the opponent to attempt a foot attack, but be careful! Just making the leg connection is not a Lotus Lockdown, for the correct application of Lotus Lockdown, upper body control is fundamental!

  5. SELF-ESTEEM: Get ready to gain confidence! Many of the jiu-jitsu practitioners, who are training primarily with the Gi are still not accustomed to the Lotus Lockdown, so this becomes a nice ace up the sleeve for those who master the technique and a surprise for opponents. Perfect this technique and your sense of control and sweeps will explode!

Still have any doubts? Check this out for more information https://www.grapplinginstructionals.com/Lotus-lockdown-x


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