Conquering Pre-Competition Anxiety in BJJ: A Journey of Mindful Combat

bjj advice bjjkids Jul 31, 2023

Stepping onto the mats before a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competition, even the most experienced competitors can find their hearts racing, palms sweating, and minds buzzing with adrenaline-induced anxiety. This fight-or-flight response is completely natural, but it can potentially disrupt performance if not effectively managed.

Beneath the blinding spotlight, in the throes of adrenaline's hyper-awareness, competitors can find an opportunity to harness this energy for their benefit. By understanding the physiological response, accepting its inevitability, and focusing on staying present, pre-competition anxiety can be transformed into an ally rather than an adversary.

This sentiment is beautifully captured in a recently released video, where a passionate BJJ practitioner SuperMike, brown belt under Magnus Hansson, the Head Instructor at 10th Planet Stockholm, Sweden, shares his first-hand experience with pre-fight nerves. The video documents his journey during an IBJJF Masters competition in Rio de Janeiro, where he walks viewers through the emotional turmoil and reveals his method of overcoming it – a clear plan based on a strategic concept known as the Lotus Lockdown. By focusing on this pre-determined set of techniques, SuperMike was able to sidestep the gripping anxiety and enter a state of flow, his concentration tethered solely to the unfolding match.

Mike's journey doesn't stop at overcoming personal battles. With the support of his instructor Magnus Hansson have created an instructional based on the Lotus Lockdown. In an act of true community spirit, where 100% of the revenue generated from its sales is funneled into rebuilding BJJ academies for underprivileged children in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Ultimately, mastering pre-competition anxiety in BJJ isn't solely about winning or losing. It's about personal growth and mindfulness, both on and off the mats. It's about resilience in the face of anxiety, and the determination to turn every fight into a lesson in fortitude and community development. 
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