BJJ Turtle master vs seven opponents

BJJ Turtlemaster vs 7 Opponents - Incredible!

instructional turtle Apr 25, 2023


Recently, BJJ Turtle Specialist Raould Audhoe put to the test something he had been perfecting for a long time, namely: to submit every opponent in a tournament without losing a single point - FROM THE TURTLE!

"Yes, I know it's unconventional because the Turtle position is typically seen as very defensive. But that's precisely why nobody expected it to be so lethal! I want to make it clear that I'm sharing this not to brag, but to show you that the Turtle is a a highly effective guard that will keep you safe and dangerous while people are trying to take your back! But don't just take my word for it - watch this video to see for yourself what it looks like to play a modern BJJ turtle.

As you could see, I TURNED my back inviting my opponents to engage (I did not GIVE away my back) At first they become surprised, thinking that this will be an easy one. However, as time passes and the confusion due to not being able to establish any hooks, score any points or attempt any chokes keeps increasing, they will OVERCOMPENSATE! Yes, the unfamiliarity of playing top Turtle against someone who is a specialist in using dynamic movements from Turtle can be overwhelming, so much so that they completely forget about their own vulnerabilities ending in their demise. This is NOT a coincidence - It's reality!"

What do you think about this position?



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