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Unleashing the Power of the Meat and Fruit Diet for Optimal Health and Performance in BJJ

bjj health Jul 04, 2023

Hello, this is SuperMike from I'm a passionate BJJ practitioner and writer/filmmaker living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and today, I want to share a remarkable journey I embarked on - one that led me from debilitating health challenges to a complete transformation in physical well-being and performance.

Just a while back, I was battling persistent sinus infections and relentless inflammation, both of which took a severe toll on my energy levels and BJJ performance. A lengthy course of antibiotics and a plethora of over-the-counter medications barely made a dent in my symptoms.

My breakthrough came when I stumbled upon an episode of the Joe Rogan Show. A guest discussed the benefits of a diet solely comprising of red meat and fruit. The unconventional nature of this diet piqued my interest and out of sheer desperation, I decided to give it a go.

The results I experienced were nothing short of astonishing. Within four days, my chronic inflammation had disappeared, replaced by a surge of energy that I hadn't felt in months. Eleven days into the diet, I was 4 kilos lighter and performing better than ever on the BJJ mats.

While I'm not a medical professional, and this shouldn't be construed as medical advice, the red meat and fruit diet seemed to work wonders for me. This simple diet, packed with the protein, vitamins, and minerals of red meat, and the carbohydrates and antioxidants of fruit, helped me combat inflammation, lose weight, and notably, boost my testosterone levels - leading to increased strength, vitality, and improved performance.

Coupled with the health benefits was the sheer joy of savoring the savory flavors of red meat and the sweet freshness of fruit. It was a delightful culinary journey that also aided my path towards health and well-being outside of the tatami.

So to summarize, quite frankly, at a time when I was almost losing hope, this unique dietary approach gave me a new taste on life. Maybe, just maybe, it could do the same for you. After all, sometimes it's the unconventional path that leads us to our destination of optimal health and peak performance. 
Please let me know about your experiences with Meat & Fruit Diets in the comments. 


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