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Half - Guard In Three Weeks Or Faster! 


What If You Could Successfully Teach A Complete Beginner An Effective Guard in Three Weeks or Faster?

Hi Guys!

~ My name is Magnus Hansson, and I'm here today because I've partnered with Grappling Instructionals to give you something that I call "The Lotus Lockdown".

This is my framework for how to transform any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner into becoming extremely hard to roll with no matter your belt level. I've said it before and I will say it again... "Put a Whitebelt in a Gi and teach him the lockdown system... Oh My God!" Seriously, give the whitebelt a complete Lockdown and double underhooks and you be in serious trouble!" 

Why I always teach my students the Lockdown first:

I wanna show you something I have been developing for a long time, something that I am unbelievably passionate about, namely: How to help people who are struggling with their BJJ to get a great guard and to start submitting faster and more skilled opponents in THREE WEEKS or FASTER!!!
Yeah, I know it's weird it sounds because to be skillful at BJJ you usually need to practice for years! Well, I am here to tell you that you do and you don't, because if you use what I am about to teach you, people at your academy will be in awe!

I'm sharing these details with you not to brag, but to make it clear that I'm onto something very promising and highly effective and I wanna invite you to take part in exploring it even further because this WILL become your special tool against people you previously were struggling with. 

But seeing is believing, so before anything else, please check out this video to see and FEEL what it is like to be controlling your opponents using the Lotus Lockdown Half-Guard System! 

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It's Fascinating That So Few People Are Using The Lockdown Position! 

As you could see, I used both of my legs to lace my partner's one leg, and as you felt when you tried it out, the POWER of the connection and CONTROL is far superior to any other guard in BJJ, MMA, or NoGi Grappling. 

Getting out of this position is really difficult, so a simple guard pass won't do it. Think about that for a moment...
So if they even cant pass your guard, then how are they going to impose their A-game on you?

Now imagine adding a fully locked upper body connection to the 2-on-1 leg connection! That's right! It becomes almost impossible to pass or strike.

When that doesn't work they will start to OVERCOMPENSATE! Yes, battling against someone who is a specialist in using the Lockdown can be overwhelming, so much so that they completely forget about their own vulnerabilities ending in their demise. (Electric Chair or Sweep time) This is NOT a coincidence - It's reality!

The Electric Chair Submission

~ Applying the Electric Chair Submission: This is a 100% confidence BOOSTER as you will be able to submit people that are much better than you in other areas of the game.

"People Will Not Perceive The Danger They're in Until It's Too Late Because They are Caught In The Electric Chair..."

The Lotus Lockdown turns Chaos into Control!

That's why perfecting your clinch is critical for controlling your 

The Lotus Lockdown attacking system will catch the majority of your opponents off guard, giving you the competitive edge you need. The Lotus Lockdown is your trump card – your sanctuary and secret weapon in every match!

"Experience Unmatched Progress: The Fastest Route to BJJ Mastery!"

Usually, I share the Lotus Lockdown exclusively in private classes and seminars. However, I'm presenting you with a unique offer: the entire Lotus Lockdown course PLUS extra materials to elevate your Jiu-Jitsu skills – all 

For Only $69

Yes... for the price equivalent to a single UFC Pay Per View night, you get access to a battle-tested system that I've invested a long time perfecting. 

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"If You Can Watch Videos And Train,Then You Can Learn How To Use The Lotus Lockdown Effectively..."

In fact...We have BJJ students of every belt color enrolled in the course and who are successfully using this EXACT SYSTEM in their own BJJ game! This is what you get! 
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This is a No-brainer! After just a few classes, I literally became so much harder to submit. People who usually had no problems with me in sparring suddenly found themselves in deep waters. Even managed to hit my first electric chair submission! 



"Phenomenal Instructional! Master Magnus' teaching methods are straightforward and incredibly easy to understand. Thanks to the Lotus Lockdown, my energy consumption during sparring has been reduced by at least 50%. Highly recommended!"

Filipe Vicente


"Thanks to Master Magnus and the Lotus Lockdown, I've achieved a monumental milestone in my BJJ journey. The course's clarity and effectiveness truly set it apart, empowering me to tackle even the toughest opponents!" 


Available in mobile app!

The Lotus Lockdown course is also accessible in mobile through Kajabi's app, to take the course with you and practice anywhere you like!

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~P.S. That's pretty much everything! If you want to become unpredictable and start developing the skills necessary to start submitting higher belts, then this is the BJJ instructional that will show you how to do it. I hope to see you in the member's area.~

Thanks again,
Magnus Hansson
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