Does you guard suck? Are you a beginner white or blue-belt tired of being smashed by bigger opponents or higher belts? Feel like your game is not improving fast enough? Don’t worry! The new Lotus Lockdown will change your outlook on Jiu-Jitsu and unleash your true potential – Fast!

Seeing is believing: Ever since the famous Polaris fight between the Jiu-jitsu legend Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo (founder of the 10th Planet system) people have recognized the power and effectiveness of the Lockdown. By using the Lockdown, Eddie Bravo managed to absolutely dominate and control one of the best old school grapplers on the planet, demonstrating why this is the worlds most powerful half guard system.

The Lotus Lockdown: Slightly modified from its original, the new Lotus Lockdown includes mind blowing new details that will nullify most escapes and add a deeper sense of understanding of the underlying mechanics in all areas of the Lockdown system.

The 10th planet system in a Gi: Is a series of instructional videos covering the complete 10th planet system for both Gi and NoGi practitioners. Starting with the Lotus Lockdown, 10th Planet Blackbelt Magnus Hansson is taking the first instructional in an upcoming “10P in a Gi” series covering the entire 10th planet system featured on

So what is the Lockdown? The Lockdown system is an IBJJF legal half-guard series of techniques that offers multiple defensive and offensive options from the guard. With the help of either an over or underhook game, using two legs to trap one of the opponents legs, the mission of the Lockdown user is to establish a firm upper body control, prevent the opponent from escaping and use the opponents natural reactions to initialize a chain of attacks and sweeps.

This is the exact opposite of what most BJJ practitioners want since often their first mission is to pass the guard, establish a more dominant position and then go for the submission. However, in order to do so, the guard passer must first get rid of the Lockdown, which (depending of the skill of the Lockdown user) can be a major challenge. With the imminent release of the Lotus Lockdown this will become even harder, eliminating most if not all conventional escapes! This allows beginner or less technical practitioners to successfully slow down the pace of the fight, create psychological frustration and set up attacks.

Many believe that the Lockdown is simply a clinging game where the user is simply squeezing and extending his legs. However, this is far from the truth.

Imagine if you would be able to have a guard that allowed you to dominate most of your opponents. A guard where you are always in control.

Modified from its original, the new Lotus Lockdown starring 10th Planet Blackbelt Magnus Hansson is the first instructional in an upcoming “10P in a Gi” series featured on

The instructional will provide you with the game changing details that

If practiced continuously, the new Lotus Lockdown will  super charged with new game changing details on the worlds most effective half guard and debunks most of the existing escapes.

Any attempt to move forward without first removing the trapped leg from the Lockdown will result in the opponent being elevated, his base and posture ruptured followed by a chain of attacks, sweep attempts – or both. On the other hand, if the opponent keeps a low base and does nothing, then the result will match exactly that –  no guard pass, no points, no harm.

Let the new Lotus Lockdown system be your solution!