$199.00 USD


Turtle combo 1+2 + New X-Guard Instructional

This is not only a beginner's guide; it's the ultimate playbook for those looking to dominate and redefine their Turtle game. Each module is designed to build upon the last, providing a comprehensive guide to turning the Turtle position into an offensive stronghold. Are you ready to change your game forever?

What you'll get:

  • Attacking from Turtle 1
  • Attacking from Turtle 2
  • The new X-Guard


    🔥 Say goodbye to getting submitted from your back - Unleash your new A-GAME! What you'll get:

    🛡️ Transform frustration into an unstoppable weapon against your opponents! 🥋 Master the art of staying safe and learn how to generate offense from the Turtle position! 💥 Unleash a powerful arsenal of attacks, including leg locks, Kimuras, Omoplatas, armbars and wrist locks from the Turtle!

    🚀 AND THERE'S EVEN MORE! The Attacking From Turtle Online Course is periodically updated with: ⚡ New Turtle drills 🎥 Exclusive video content 🎧 Informative audio podcasts


Please be advised, you are always training on your own behalf and at your own risk. Be wise and keep both yourself and your partners safe at all times! Now get out there and submit everyone from the Turtle! OSS!