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This Guard System Can Make a Whitebelt Submit a Blackbelt!!!👍

10p in a gi lotus lockdown Nov 17, 2021

There are two common reactions when people read the title of this video: "This Guard System Can Make a White belt Submit a Blackbelt!!!👍" 

Reaction # 1. That's total bullshit! A White belt can NEVER submit a Blackbelt, and even if he did, that Blackbelt must truly come from a real McDojo! 

Reaction # 2. Hmm... A White belt submitting a Blackbelt? How is that even possible? I want to know more...  

It shouldn't be possible. Or should it? How could someone who has spent more than ten years of sweat and grind be submitted by a novice practitioner? Both reactions are natural. Some people are more open to new information and ready to try new things without judgment, while others instinctively protect their status quo by discarding new ideas. Also, not accepting any new ideas is easier because it requires you to do nothing while keeping you safe outside of your comfort zone.

Here at Grapplinginstructionals we believe that the most remarkable thing about BJJ is that no matter how much we know, there is always more to learn because our beloved art of Jiu-Jitsu never stops evolving. It's true! BJJ is in a constant movement where new techniques and systems are developed as more people get involved.

Just look how leg-locks that were once frowned upon as dirty and plain ineffective completely revolutionized the game of Jiu-Jitsu. The LOCKDOWN is no different, a game-changer that still has not gone mainstream. The reason is that there are too few instructors outside of the 10th Planet System (NoGi) that can teach it to their students. The reality is that in most academies, new students will learn a variety of positions and techniques, such as the closed guard or whatever their instructor considers to be essential for beginners. The students will also mainly drill specific techniques a few times before moving on to something else, not given enough time for a deeper understanding of the techniques, let alone a whole system. For example, if the instructor doesn't know leg locks, he will not teach it to his students either. Instead, most instructors will focus on teaching what they already know or follow a curriculum covering a wide range of areas in line with the academy policy. 

Of course, you need the fundamentals, and you need time and repetition to gain a certain confidence in your abilities to handle yourself in all areas of the game. But oftentimes, it's still nonspecific knowledge, and with so many techniques available, it is easy to become "Jack of all trades, master of none." (General knowledge vs. Specific knowledge)
Another critical factor is general effectiveness. What is the value of general knowledge in many areas if you're still completely lost when it comes to regular sparring or competition? The same thing is highly relevant for MMA practitioners as well. Knowing many things will require a lot of time, and it will not necessarily help you stay protected or become Submission efficient when ending up on the ground.

To prevent this from happening, focusing early on a single system with a very high general effectiveness is preferable for your development. After all, if it works, then it is valid and thus a valuable asset in your Jiu-Jitsu arsenal. That does not mean you should stay only within the parameters of that system, but rather that the system becomes your fundamentals, and you build and integrate from there!

Also, if the system you chose to integrate and focus on is unorthodox and uncommon to other people, then the element of surprise will always be in your favor. The LOTUS LOCKDOWN is such a system because it offers users a form of control that no other guard can provide in both the Gi and NoGi.

There are four well-defined pillars in the Lotus Lockdown system, to make it easy to comprehend. namely;  

1. Leg connection

2. Upper body control

3. The under hook game

4. The over hook game. 

When a student starts using this unusual guard, the first reaction of most opponents is to spend the rest of the roll trying to get out from the leg connection. This nullifies his favorite game, and instead, the Lockdown user can focus on hitting sweeps and attacks. Most people will feel a sense of unease when caught in this position and spend all their energy simply trying to get out.  

Of course, as the Lockdown user becomes more advanced, he will learn that the lockdown is not a static guard where you just stretch your legs but rather a dynamic guard that requires constant movement!

If you practice the LOTUS LOCKDOWN for a couple of weeks and take your time to study the mechanics (which are super simple), you will learn how to do the Electric Chair Sweep and submit a lot of people using the Electric Chair Submission.  

YES!!! This is the Submission that even a White belt can catch a Blackbelt with, especially if he has never been Electric Chaired before! The Electric Chair is a central part of the Lotus Lockdown system.

But watch out! Some more experienced BJJ practitioners will not tolerate this because it might hurt their ego, primarily if it occurs in front of their students. You might get the same reaction from higher belts, too, so watch out! :) 

But really, so what if a Whitebelt submits a Blackbelt or any other belt for that matter? Does it really matter? Isn't this possibility simply fantastic? Isn't this positive proof that our game is continuously evolving? This is where Grapplinginstructionals wants to be, at the forefront of the unusual, supporting highly effective and sometimes unorthodox specialists using an outside-the-box approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, NoGi grappling, and MMA. 

One such specialist is Magnus Hansson from 10th Planet Stockholm, Sweden who is an absolute Wizard when it comes to the World's most effective Half - Guard System: THE LOTUS LOCKDOWN!

Few guards are as easy to learn and so instantly effective as the Lotus Lockdown and this guard is a MUST have for anyone who is struggling with success both in sparring or in competition.

Beware! A white belt with a full Lotus Lockdown and proper upper body control is EXTREMELY hard to handle even for a blackbelt!

The same goes for a more seasoned competitor, who will be able to surprise his opponents in competition by using the Lotus Lockdown.  IT'S NOT MAGIC! People just don't have a clue how to defend it. 

Similarly, in MMA, where the Lotus Lockdown is almost unheard of (for now) because if people knew, then this system would already be mainstream as the Lotus Lockdown will keep you safer than any other guard! Here is a common scenario: Your opponent is on top in your half-guard, and unless you are Damian Maia, you will probably be on the receiving end of a complete ground and pound.

Here is a tip from the Lotus Lockdown for MMA: You want the guy to strike you because that means he must raise his body to generate power. This is where you will capitalize and either sweep or submit him!

The key is in the superior leg connection and firm upper body control. Try it out and see for yourself! If you have not checked it out yet, go to www.grapplinginstructionals.com and give it a GO! You will not regret it - and that's a promise!



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