half guard to butterfly sweep

This EASY Half Guard To Butterfly Sweep Will Get Them Every Time!

gi sweep Apr 02, 2021

A lot of Jiujiteiros, especially white and blue belts, think of the Half Guard as a position that doesn't possess a lot of options. They perceive it as sort of boring... Plus, if they were totally honest, they'd admit that they don't really know what to do from it; not just from the top, but from the bottom position as well!

However, Half Guard is richer with possibilities than you may suspect. All that you've got to learn, in order to get started, are some basic principles and setups.
For instance, the Half Guard to Butterfly Sweep setup will teach you a lot about the do's and do-not's of Half Guard – as well as how to sweep your opponent with relative ease!

Jean Vandesteen demonstrates this setup on the video below:



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