10p in a gi gi submission Dec 22, 2020

If you're on a hunt for submissions that your training partners and opponents won't expect, then the Electric Chair is the technique for you! Sure, it's not performed nearly all too often; but it's pretty simple to tap out people with it!

The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu's Magnus Hansson demonstrates how to set it up.


Every Jiujiteiro has heard a story or two about the injuries that have happened due to the Electric Chair. This is no surprise, especially when we take in that this technique is set up from the Lockdown, another technique with a bad reputation.

But, wait a minute. Why do these two techniques get the bad rep, anyway? Is it because they're truly dangerous?

Instructor Hansson has a simple answer. "It's not the technique that's dangerous! It's the people that hurt themselves by trying to escape." In other words, the Lockdown and the Electric Chair aren't more dangerous than, let's say, an Armbar. For, if you try to escape the Armbar improperly, you'll get injured as well!

So, it all comes down to your training partner's defense. If they don't defend properly or don't accept the submission – they will get injured. It is as simple as that.


As previously mentioned, you'll begin from the Lotus Lockdown position. It's preferable to have both under-hooks in place, use your hands to grip the training partner's belt, or under the armpits of his Gi. From here, whip your partner and further facilitate this movement by pushing them up with your grip. You want to be the master of your opponent's base. The goal here is elevation – so that you can manipulate your opponent's body in any direction necessary for your arm to swim under their far leg!

When you swim underneath their leg, make sure that it's deep enough. Because, if your head and neck are too far out from their knee and hip... You're going to have a hard time, as your neck is going to be in just the right spot for some robust chokes.

Thus, Magnus emphasizes that you should make sure that you're as close to them as possible. Then, even if they go for the choke – you'll be able to sweep them effortlessly.


Once you're in position, you're good to go for the Electric Chair submission. Rollback onto your back while you pull the training partner on top of yourself, and BAM – you have the sweep! This is great already. Now, if you want the tap, there are a couple of essential things that Magnus points out.

First, their top leg has to be over your shoulder. If it's over your bicep muscle, the submission will be too difficult to finish.

Secondly, it doesn't matter if they bend their top leg to defend. This isn't in the least effective. Magnus explains that you should focus on the bottom leg instead. That's where the tap is most potent.

Thirdly, get a sturdy grip over the top of their leg. After that, twist your arms so that your bottom elbow goes below their leg.

Finally, make sure that you're not just extending their bottom leg. Instead, go for the same whipping motion as in the beginning; extend your "Lockdown leg " stretch and push!. Your training partner will tap right there. If he doesn't, you still have the sweep and a bunch of options from there. Remember! Whatever you do - NEVER LET GO OF THE LOCKDOWN until you are ready to pass.

Make sure to watch the video above for much more detail. Also, if you want to improve your Jiu-Jitsu in three weeks or faster, then this free E-book is for you!



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