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The Lotus Lockdown – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

10p in a gi gi Dec 13, 2020

When you first start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, its numerous options are like a bag full of sweets! You can't wait to try one technique out, then move fast to the next, and then – as quickly as possible – jump to the third and fourth technique and... You want everything! But, as your experience grows, you slowly start figuring out that some moves aren't for you. That, no matter how much you want to use them successfully, you'll never be able to in the same way you're imagining.

This is especially true for the slower Jiujiteiros out there. Some moves seem to be too far out of reach, and thus they need to take on much steadier techniques and setups.

One of those steadier, but extremely efficient techniques, is the Lotus Lockdown.


But before anything else, let's first emphasize that it's vital that you figure out what your BJJ game is like – is it slow or fast? This means that you need to take a good hard look at your rolls and competition performance and the techniques you're inclined to use. Ask yourself: "When I'm most successful, which techniques and setups do I tend to resort to? Also, what sort of stuff do I try out and most often fail at? "

The answers to these two questions (be sure to write them down) will provide you with insights on what sort of a Jiujiteiro you are. Meaning, if you actively seek opportunities to use Cartwheel Passes, Imanari Rolls, Knee On Belly to Armbar transitions, quick Longstep passes, Blast Double Legs... Then you're most probably an athletic Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who has no problem using explosiveness and speed for either getting out of bad positions or for getting into good ones.

However, if your preferences and rolling successes fall into the categories of Pressure Passing, Half Guard, slow and gradual submission setups... Then you're likely a Jiujiteiro who doesn't find it easy to use explosive movements and speed. Rather, you are one of the slower athletes who enjoys getting things done without much rush.

This may be due to the general lack of athleticism or, as it's often the case, simply because you aren't young anymore. More athletic grapplers outpace you, and you have to use the techniques which slow them down.

This is precisely why the Lotus Lockdown is such an excellent option for you!



If you've ever used the Lockdown before – or even if you merely tried to use it – you'll quickly understand why it's such an excellent tool for you as a person with a slower BJJ game.

The Lotus Lockdown makes it possible to control your training partners and opponents without the need to engage in speed wars with them. You simply set it up, and you have them locked in place! They're now yours for the taking, and it becomes particularly useful for when it's a Gi match, as you gain access to more grips and, consequently, more control.

The Lotus Lockdown builds upon this concept of total control. It's not just a technique, but a whole system used for absolute Lockdown domination in the Gi, devised by the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt Magnus Hansson. Designed precisely for the slower-moving Jiujiteiros and beginners alike, once you figure out how to use even its most simple of concepts, sweeps, and submissions, you'll already be miles ahead... And able to catch some of the more experienced grapplers by surprise!


To learn more about the Lotus Lockdown visit https://www.grapplinginstructionals.com/store



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