Improve Your BJJ Game IMMEDIATELY – By Using The Lotus Lockdown!

10p in a gi gi Mar 12, 2021
Lotus Lockdown Technique

A lot of Jiujiteiros are looking for that "quick fix", a secret of sorts, that would solve all of their BJJ worries. But, as you know, there are no shortcuts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu... Which is exactly what makes it such a wonderful and fulfilling martial art!

However, just because there are no shortcuts to success, that doesn't mean that there aren't any easy ways to immediately level up your BJJ game.
On the contrary - if you know how to utilize the techniques and setups which not a lot of other Jiujiteiros use, then you'll be able to surprise them that much more... And submit them way more often, of course!

For example, the Lockdown! It's arguably the best Half Guard variation in the world, popularized by none other than Eddie Bravo; yet not a lot of athletes use it.
Given that, it's time for YOU to take advantage of this opportunity and show everyone how to use the Lockdown properly – not just in No Gi, but in the Gi as well!

Check it out: the "Lotus Lockdown" system, taught by 10th Planet Stockholm's Head Instructor, Magnus Hansson, is your new tool for getting those sweet, sweet taps.


Get it on the link below, for 19$!



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