Hitchhiker Armbar Escape? No Problem – Use These COUNTERS Against It!

gi submission Apr 08, 2021
hitchhiker escape counters

Getting the Armbar can be tough, but once you get it, you sure want to be able to capitalize on it and get the tap. Unfortunately, this is not that easy when your opponent knows how to spin out and initialize the Hitchhiker Escape, ending up with your guard being passed!

The good thing, however, is that there is always a way to counter the Hitchhiker Escape. In this video, Jean Vandesteen, head instructor at Relson Gracie Academy in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, shows two excellent counters that WILL surprise your opponents.

Try and repeat it today until you feel like you've gotten the feel for it. Believe us, you will thank Jean for it! Good training!



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