Do this when the Lockdown doesn't work!

lotus lockdown Nov 24, 2021

When using the Lockdown in BJJ, one of the most frustrating situations is when you have got a wrestler type of opponent pinning you down preventing you from doing the whip. As time passes and the pressure increases you realize that your Lockdown is not going to help you. So what are your options when in this position? The answer is "The Stomp". Check out Magnus Hansson's demonstration on how to deal with this situation using the "Stomp". If you haven't already - make sure to check out his instructional the Lotus Lockdown. It's gonna give you results quickly and ignite the fire on your BJJ journey towards Blackbelt! 💬 


"What If You Could Turn Your Back Without Fear Of Being Submitted...?"

We are born with the ability to defend anything in front of us. BUT, when it comes to attacks from the back we are extremely vulnerable!

YES, the back is hard to defend for obvious reasons. But there are ways to ensure you are safe, actually... more than safe, DANGEROUS to be exact!   

This is a secret attacking system that 99% of your opponents have never seen before.

Attacking From Turtle Is The Ace In Your Sleeve - Your Competitive Edge!

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