You Need To CHANGE Your BJJ Game - Embrace The LOCKDOWN In A Gi!

10p in a gi gi Dec 11, 2020

If you are at the beginning of your BJJ journey – or even if you've been at it for quite a while already – you may, from time to time, come to a realization that... Well, your Jiu-Jitsu really isn't that good. Or, to rephrase it: that it isn't as good as you'd wish it would be. And even though it is perfectly normal to feel like this (everyone does at one point or another!), you shouldn't just sit and "wait it out." You need to take action.

You have to make a change that will provide you with the advantage and control that you seek! 


"I really don't need to change anything in my game! I'll just stick to it," some may say. Sure, your game may already be great. Heck, it may be excellent! But no matter how good it is, you'll eventually hit a plateau if you don't change it now and then

That's the truth for many seasoned Jiujiteiros, but it's even more true for the beginners out there. As a beginner, you can't just "stick "to a few setups and techniques, claiming that those make up your BJJ game. On the contrary, those who have just started out – the white and the blue belts – need to use their coming of age in BJJ to explore, experiment, and have more fun!

For it's only by experimenting with different moves that you'll start to understand why BJJ is such a mesmerizing martial art. It's only then that you'll come closer to noticing just how many fantastic options are at your disposal... One of them being the Lotus Lockdown – in the Gi!


Yup, you've heard that correctly. Maybe you have tried using the Lockdown in No-Gi rolls, so it's no wonder that using it in the Gi may come as a surprise... But, wouldn't utilizing the Lockdown in the Gi actually make more sense than in No-Gi?

Pause and take a moment to consider what the Lockdown actually does for you. Primarily, it's a great way to control your opponents. By immobilizing your opponent (often to their surprise), you gain many more options for sweeping and submitting than before. With that being said: do you have more control over your opponents in the Gi or without it?

That's right! The friction and the grips provided by the Gi allows for more control, so why not mix it up with the Lockdown; and acquire superb control over your opponents?


By far, the most efficient way to utilize the Lockdown in a Gi is the Lotus Lockdown. This modified Lockdown system in a Gi incorporates ingenious ways to implement the Gi's full spectrum to your BJJ game, multiplying your overall defense and attack capabilities. The Lotus Lockdown in a Gi will elevate your game to a different level than ever before!

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