Arson Attack On STARK BJJ Academy! Support the Rebuilding!

mindset Nov 19, 2021
On Thursday night in the center of Stockholm, Sweden, an unknown perpetrator smashed a window and threw a gallon of petrol and a torch into BJJ Top competitor Max Lindblad's newly opened BJJ academy STARK, completely destroying everything inside. 

The academy is located in the basement of a residential building, which could have easily resulted in human casualties had it not been for the Stockholm fire department who quickly arrived at the scene.
The Stark academy recently made the headlines in the BJJ world as three of its competitors won gold at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi, but its success is now overshadowed by the fire.  
In a statement made by the owner Max Lindblad, he said: "We are all very shocked and convinced that this is an attempt to hurt our academy and our brand. We have grown very fast and gathered a lot of people, believing very strongly that we can create the best possible positive environment for competitors and non-competitors alike and attracted a lot of members. We know we are doing something that is unique for the sport in Stockholm and we knew that it would upset people. But this is beyond anything we ever thought would be possible to experience in the sport in Sweden. We are working our best to find out more about how we proceed with the insurance companies and the police to rebuild everything we built with our instructors and members."

For now, the STARK BJJ academy with its 230 members including 20 teenagers, and 50 children will have to wait for their academy to be rebuilt. How long it is going to take depends on the support of its own members and the goodwill of the BJJ community. 

If you would like to make a contribution and help support the initiative to rebuild, please check out the link below.


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